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aoa fandom name

Genre(s) Pentagon – Universe allkpop.com. Winter's stage name was chosen because she was born on January 1, in the Winter. This was their first album release without Youkyung in the group.Read more... FT Island • CNBLUE • AOA • N.Flying • SF9 • Cherry Bullet. Also as They officially debuted on August 9, 2012 with the single album "Angels' Story". Debut https://aceofangels.fandom.com/wiki/AOA_Wiki?oldid=331. Key - Lockets 5. [Auto][Rest this card, Discard 1 Action Card from hand with "Prevent" in its card name] When another player targets you or your cards with an Action Card or Ability, you may pay the cost. Pop Kpop fans in general are called “Kpop stans” or “Kpoppers”. Former For SHINee each member also has a fandom name: 1. Share this post. AOA Official Accounts: Official Website: fncent.com/AOA. Awards. The group also consists of 3 sub units AOA Cream,AOA Black, and AOA White. The group explained that the name came from “You are my universe”, which is a line from the lyrics of one of the group’s songs. Name: AOA (에이오에이) Bedeutung: Ace of Angels Konzept: - südkoreanische Gruppe - Tanzgruppe, bei der einige Mitglieder Instrumente spielen - alle Mitglieder außer Youkyung waren vollwertige Engel - Youkyung war ein halber Engel, da sie als einzige ausschließlich in der Band war Idolart: ausländische Idolgruppe, K-Pop Gruppe The fandom name was revealed to be "Lullet" (룰렛). They debuted on 2012 with their album Angel's Story. Contents Born as the only child of Selene Nakamura, Irennea is the sole heir to the Nakamura name. Chanmi debuted with the group in their sub unit AOA Cream along with the members Yuna and Hyejeong. Website Fans will always find a cuter way of saying weird fandom names or completely change it. Welcome to a collabrative community and encylcopedia featuring the girl group AOA. Names Format: Group/Singer Name: Official Color Name (Pantone/Hex Code if available) REDS. 에이오에이 Their colors are Vivid Tangerine, Airforce Blue and Timberwolf. List of awards and nominations received by AOA, Soompi: AOA Announces Mina’s Departure From Group And FNC, Soompi: MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, And More Confirmed To Join Girl Group Competition Show "Queendom", https://kpop.fandom.com/wiki/AOA?oldid=249341, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center. Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Center, Face Of The Group, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae. Wherever the name comes from, the fans are every bit as important as idols and groups in the K-Pop world. It was released October 14, 2013 with the lead single Confused. The fandom name means that fans "have" all seven members of the group. AOA Fandom Name… Years active Their fandom name is Ujjung (Friendship) you might know about it. AOA Official Fan Color: –. On March 7, 2017, PENTAGON announced that the name of their fan club was UNIVERSE. DBSK - Cassiopeia. Sapphire Sienna. While the name ENHYPEN was met with mixed opinions the moment it was announced, there’s no doubt it has a touching meaning. Here is a lost of some popular fandom names along with out ranking of the top 3 fandom names, followed by a brief discussion fandoms’ effects on artists and other fans. For a list of official fan names and their meanings, click here. EXO - EXO-L. AOA Jimin has many impressive tattoos. September 2, 2015. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Even JYPE have given up on IGOT7 and embraced Ahgase as the fandom name and build concept around the bird theme. This fandom name comes from SHINee's first studio album. Jonghyun - Blingers 3. Members Reply. AOA which stands for Ace Of Angels, is a South Korean girl group under FNC Entertainment. Some of them are very minimalist. Now, fans are scrambling to come up an equally meaningful fandom name to submit for … Note: The random pictures don't relate to the answers. On May 13, 2019, it was announced that Mina left AOA after deciding not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment and on July 4, 2020, it was announced Jimin left AOA and the entertainment industry. Chanmi or Kim Chan-mi (Hangul: 김찬미) on Jun 19, 1996 (age 23) in Gumi-si, South Korea. Label(s) Onew - MVP's (from one of his lines in Replay) 2. Origin The fandom color is Pastel Coral. (L-R: Hyejeong, Seolhyun, Jimin, Yuna and Chanmi) Minho - Flames 4. Background This fandom name was taken from their mini album. Learn more about AOA, like its sub-units and discography! Name Ace of Angels kpop, bts, exo. Seungyeon or Jang SeungYeon (Hangul: 장승연) was born on Nov 6,1996 (age 24) in Seongnam-Si, South Korea. A formação original incluía Choa, Mina e Jimin que anunciaram saída do grupo em 2017, 2019 e 2020 respectivamente. In Blackjack, players aim to get 21 points, making it "Blackjack" the perfect 2NE1 fandom name! Bae Seul Gi: Red. Name the kpop artist by the fandom name given. The original 2012 eight-member line-up included: Choa , Jimin , Yuna , Youkyung, Hyejeong , Mina , Seolhyun and Chanmi ; the group is currently promoting as four. Initially, AOA debuted as an eight-member girlband that consisted of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Mina. Like GOT7 stans low key hate their official fandom was IGOT7 so they jumped on when a member mispronounced it as ahgase which means bird. Since the name can be a bit of a mouthful, fans also refer to themselves as "Shawols", which is just a shortened version of "SHINee World". Fandom Chanmi is most known for her acting and singing skills. DBSK's (or TVXQ) fanclub, Cassiopeia, is the name of a constellation with 5 main stars & … Also, mixing all … AOA AOA is currently promoting as a five-member girl group. Current AOA (Korean: 에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a South Korean girl group formed by FNC Entertainment. Based on the word “hyphen”, a punctuation mark that connects words, ENHYPEN represents the I-LAND group connecting with each other, with fans, and with the world. As a nice little nod to the name, the "Fire" MV features a series of playing cards! Please expand this wiki by adding to it! Quiz by Animekpop1031. APink's fandom name is Pink Panda! They officially debuted on August 9, 2012 with the single album " Angels' Story ". On May 13, 2019, it was announced that Mina left AOA after deciding not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment.    2012–present Fin.K.L: Pearl Red Lee Hyori: Red April 22, 2020. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SNS Check out the group and their latest mini album New Moon! Enjoy! However, we don’t use that term anymore. BtoB Blue BtoB Blue. Stray Kids, need to add, fandom name is Stay, idk about fandom color though. Posted June 11, 2015. Baek Ji Young: Red. O grupo é atualmente composto por quatro integrantes: Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun e Chanmi. K-POP Gruplarının Fandom Adlarının (K-Pop Fandom Names) Listesini en güncel haliyle (2020) harf sırasına göre yazımızda bulabilirsiniz.. K-Pop kültüründe her grup hayran kitlesine kendi adlarını da çağrıştıracak güzel bir isim vermektedir. For a list of official fandom support items, click here. This wiki currently has 28 articles, 3 active users , and 403 edits! 3. Some tattoos are very colorful and girly like a rabbit that reminds her of childhood’s doll, diamond heart. Related Wikis YunaHyejeongSeolhyunChanmi Source Code Subsequent Act of Aggression Eugen Systems, Focus Home Interactive, ''[[Act of Aggression]]''. AOA Fandom Name: Elvis. The total of her tattoo is over twenty tattoos. Intak (인탁) is a rapper under FNC Entertainment. Check out their previous mini album Bingle Bangle. AOA (에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a South Korean girl group formed by FNC Entertainment. Due to trademark issue, #AOA official fancub name will be changed to AOE (ACE of ELVIS) credit: aceofangels8. The groups official lightstick was … AOA (에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a four-member girl group under FNC Entertainment. Sometimes called AHGASE, meaning "아가 새" (baby bird in Korean), for sounding similar to iGOT7. AOA (에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a four-member girl group under FNC Entertainment. If you have any questions ask here . AOA Wiki Seungyeon first started her career by starring in bacground videos for various artists such as BTOB's "Beep Beep" and G.NA's "Pretty Lingere". I'm not giving away the right answers that easily! The group features the 5 members Seolhyun,Jimin,Chanmi,Yuna and Hyejeong. YoukyungChoaMinaJimin Her agency said she had a very pure image Hueningkai can speak Mandarin, English, Portuguese, and Korean Nayeon once sang BTS' "Fire" while she was sleeping on a heating pad. Originally, AOA debuted as an eight-member girlband that consisted of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Hyejeong, Mina, Seolhyun, and Chanmi. Which of these is not a real K-Pop subunit? They debuted on August 9, 2012, under FNC Entertainment. Hangul Read AOA from the story ⓀⓅⓄⓅⒼⓇⓄⓊⓅ by PandaKekok06 (Ming Ming) with 135 reads. If you do, choose a new target for it. AOA. He is a member of the boy group P1Harmony . August 9, 2012 I just like putting lots of pictures in quizzes. The group consists of 5 current members Seolhyun, Chanmi, Jimin, Hyejeong, and Yuna and 3 former members ChoA, Youkyung, and Mina. Seoul, South Korea          AOA (Hangul: 에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a South Korean girl group formed by FNC Entertainment. Though her birth brought upon the death of Selene, the clan still treated Irennea with the same respect they gave to their previous master. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 3 Links and References 3.1 Discover and Discuss 3.2 Footnotes Keeper Murdock seemingly lived a life similar to his Earth-295 counterpart until one day the Maestro visited his reality and helped him get out of it. On February 10, 2020, Cherry Bullet announced their official fandom name via their social media accounts. Like simple words; Blue, Hey!, Love it all, and the name of AOA’s fandom name Ace of Elvis. ELVIS was chosen as the name for the fandom for three main reasons: It is the name of AOA’s debut song and it is being remarkable for the fans and for the group. Taemin - Taemints. AOA (Ace of Angels – 에이오에이) currently consists of 5 members: Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun and Chanmi. Read more... Red Motion stylized as RED MOTION is the 3rd release from AOA. ELVIS Predebut Ryujin appears on Google map. Infinite X ... AOA Cream … Welcome to AOA Wiki! AOA Cream AOA Cream. FNC Entertainment (Korea)Universal Music (Japan) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. An extensive list of idol groups and their official fandom colors. In each question there is a name of a K-pop fandom and all you need to do is guess which K-pop group/soloist it corresponds to. The Official Ascendants of Aetheros Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Youkyung saiu da FNC em 2016, mas continua no … Concept photo for New Moon. Irennea, just like her mother, was born with the Virgoan mark on her left ankle.

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