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The colonies were divided into three groups, based on their locations and their economies. The middle colonies represented exactly that — a middle ground between its neighbors to the North and South. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Farming, in fact, was so dominant in this region that the Middle Colonies earned the nickname of the "bread basket" of the colonies. The Middle colonies consisted of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. joint-stock company. Middle Colonies: A Close Reading Passage for UPPER ELEMENTARY You can also purchase this close reading passage in a social studies interactive reading response journal bundled pack. Merchants dominated urban society; about 40 merchants controlled half of Philadelphia ‘s trade. The Middle Colonies were fairly peaceful, but sometimes small conflicts would pop up. In the middle colonies, due to the various races/ ethnicities inhabited in the area, there was not a dominance of one faith. 100's of people would help build a barn for their community. They have many villages and cities that are wipespread across the beautiful land. Middle Colonies DRAFT. Wealthy merchants in Philadelphia and New York, like their counterparts in … Overtime, these mixing of beliefs blurred the religious differences and paved the way for a greater acceptance of the religious differences. Edit. This class was comprised of powerful professions like doctors, ministers, lawyers and merchants and major community positions were filled by people from the Gentry class. 4th - 5th grade. The population is mainly made up of Quakers, Pennsylvania Dutch, English, Dutch, German, Irish, Swedish, Scottish, French, Welsh, and many other nationalities and religions. To do this, one needs an occupation (whether it be farming, shipbuilding, trading, or craftsman work) and then needs to attain revenue out of their work to spend the money on buying land. The Middle Colonies Society in the middle colonies was far more varied, cosmopolitan and tolerant than in New England. Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard and live results. Mennonites, Dutch Calvinists, Presbyterians, etc. 45 times. Social Studies. The middle class consists of traders and merchants and the lower class consists of laborers and servants. Colonies. At last, as more and more land is accumulated, one needs to have an influence in the areas of politics, government, and society. William Penn and Ben Franklin stressed the importance and value of education and creative ideas. In big Cities like Philadelphia & NYC, people attended dances, plays, social clubs, concerts. The gentry or top/ higher class usually consists of large landowners and wealthy people. Start a live quiz . Men enjoyed hunting, cock fighting, cards, and fishing. Due to this, the race one was does not subject himself/herself to less or more, The degree of religious tolerance is exceptional in the middle colonies. 0. Edit. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware (Between Northern & Southern Colonies, hence the “middle”) Most ethnically diverse: mix of Germans, Scots- Irish, and Dutch in addition to English; The Environment and Geography of the Middle Colonies. The Thirteen American colonies belonging to Great Britain were located along the eastern coast of what is now the United States of America. 62% average accuracy. The… They made up the middle part of the Thirteen Colonies. Social Norms Sources Social Norms The Middle Colonies are the home to slightly over 60,000 people, providing the ability to make friends, work, and live in a helpful community. Edit. See more ideas about middle colonies, social studies middle school, 5th grade social studies. a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company. A combination of both urban and rural lifestyles made it more cosmopolitan, religiously pluralistic, and socially tolerant within a … Middle Colonies Test DRAFT. You are in the right place! was run by the various religions. A whole colonial family could work at the same time in a farm but have different jobs. To rise in social status, one needs to accumulate wealth and land and  gain the respect of the society. Slide 3 - What were the Middle Colonies? Edit. With the new arrivals came various religions which were protected in the Middle Colonies by written freedom of religion laws. For example, New York had an extensive system of large estates where tenant farmers rented land from the landowner. Nov 7, 2019 - Explore Naomi Corbin's board "middle colonies" on Pinterest. In 1776, during the American Revolution, the Middle Colonies became independent of Britain as the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. New York was originally founded by the Dutch, but then the English took over in 1664, and changed the name (originally named New Amsterdam) to New York. Save. However, the bulk of the reason as to why so many people come to the Middle Colonies is to escape the religious persecution that they experience in Britain as there is a lot of c ivil unrest in Europe. The Middle Colonies' chief export was grain, in addition to other crops such as corn, vegetables, fruit and livestock. Are you #learning about the #thirteencolonies in your #socialstudies class? New York: Founded in 1626 by the Dutch and initially called New Netherlands, the colony of New York was renamed to its current name by the Duke of York, after the King of England gave it to him following the colonies acquisition by the English. 2 hours ago by. horse races, ice skating, and sleigh rides. We continually use slave trade and it is profitable although, ... We accept all people in the middle colonies, even if you are in a low class. This can be done by maintaining good relationships, being involved in government matters, and having fair and just views. Aspects of New England shipbuilding and lumbering and the large farms of the South could be found. The population is mainly made up of Quakers, Pennsylvania Dutch, English, Dutch, German, Irish, Swedish, Scottish, French, Welsh, and many other nationalities and religions. Along with the Chesapeake Colonies, this area now roughly makes up the Mid-Atlantic states. Michigan Academic Education Standards. Therefore, as no one faith is “dominant” over another, no one could claim they are superior. What is the nickname for the Middle Colonies? Middle Colonies Test DRAFT. 0. Children of the Middles Colonies often played with games and toys, like tops, dolls, and marbles. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Also The fur trade was of immense importance, especially in north west New York and Pennsylvania. The Middle Colonies were more agricultural than both the Southern Colonies and the New England Colonies. The people of the Middle colonies came to America to spread their beliefs to the British colonists here. In rural areas people would help with barn raising. Slide 2 - What were the Thirteen Colonies? These colonies were created to be more tolerant to various religious beliefs, and the population grew to include a variety of backgrounds such as Italian, Germans, Dutch, French, Danes, Swedish, Norwegians, Poles, and Portuguese. John Smith. Gradually, as one starts to buy more and more private property, they will need indentured servants to do their field work. The Middle colonies had a variety of social and political structures. Middle Colonies Facts The Middle Colonies included Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Life in the Middle Colonies included people of different cultures and religions that made up three basic social classes of the gentry, the middle class, and the lower class. Men most of the time would go to work or work on their farm while the women stayed home for house work. Social activities in the Middle Colonies were often separate for women and men. Southern/New England/Middle Colonies, Lesson 5 Economic and Social Life, Lesson 4 Immigration and Slavery in the Colonies. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Report an issue; Live modes. Save . 0. Southern Colonies: Colony Names Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina Religious dissidents from all regions could settle in the relatively tolerant middle zone. 2 hours ago by. The colonies were divided into three groups, based on their locations and their economies. The following are examples of how individual colonies demonstrated religious tolerance: ous freedom in Pennsylvania by writing the, New York provides for locally established churches, with each town voting on which church its tax money would support. The middle colonies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware were diverse in terms of religion and ethnicity. In many ways, Pennsylvania and Delaware owed their initial success to William Penn. The Middle Colonies were New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. boomersooner2. The two maps … Located in the middle of the Atlantic seaboard, their economies combined the industry of the North with the agriculture of the South. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The climate in the Middle Colonies are mild and temperate, which is very good for growing crops. They were unusual, however, for their degree … Social Studies. These activities were typically done with other men. The Middle Colonies were a subset of the Thirteen Colonies in British America, located between the New England Colonies and the Southern Colonies. charter. Most importantly, this class owned the privileged to vote and owned palatial mansions and carriages. The Middle Colonies consisted of the middle region of the Thirteen Colonies of the British Empire in North America. Dec 7, 2015 - Middle Colonies PowerPoint Lesson and Printables Take your students on an engaging trek through the Middle Colonies in this PowerPoint Lesson with great printables included! Played 45 times. Middle Colonies As in New England, the majority of the elite in the Middle Colonies were merchants. They grew corn, wheat, and other crops. New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. The settlers in the middle colonies all have very diverse religions since the colonies accept and tolerate different religions and pride themselves on their religious freedom. boomersooner2. We view it as a trade-off: For us to practice our beliefs without being ill-treated, we will also have to give the same right to others, particularly to those whose beliefs are different from our own. Pennsylvania was known as the Holy Experiment. In these villages, we have friends and families that spend valuable time with each other. 0. a year ago. Played 30 times. The people of the Middle colonies came to America to spread their beliefs to the British colonists here. Civil unrest in Europe and other colonies saw an influx of immigrants to the Middle Colonies in the 18th century. was written in an effort to entice settlers to New Jersey as it provided for religious freedom. Classic . The Middle Colonies had a fairly long growing season. While the northern colonies attracted a population that was predominantly Puritan, the middle colonies of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware promised no dominance of one faith. Virginia Education Standards of Learning. When you are in villages, you have churches, schools, homes, shops, and plantations that contribute to the beauty of the Mid-Atlantic region. Play this game to review Social Studies. By the late 17th century, Virginia’s and Maryland’s economic and social structure rested on the great planters and the yeoman farmers. 72% average accuracy. Read More... Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. The most populous of the Middle colonies was Pennsylvania, other colonies were settled rather haphazardly over the course of … social patterns; economic systems ; forums ; occupations . What is the nickname for the Middle Colonies? Under his guidance, Pennsylvania functioned smoothly and grew rapidly. Edit. murphl. Edit. Save. Some, of the many, religions that occupy the area are. By 1685 its population was almost 9,000. Grains of all sorts were produced and exported, both to other colonies and to England, producing bread, wheat, tobacco , and indigo. At first, t. here were some misunderstandings between the various religions that coexisted within a region. The Gentry were the richest, most prominent and well educated group of people who owned the major chunk of plantations and farms of the country. The Middle Colonies of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware were founded in the early to late 1600s depending on the colony. The first well known Quakers in North America , as a mater of fact, were missionaries. Class is usually determined by your wealth but in the middle colonies (unlike the southern colonies), we can find a rightful place for everyone. The Mid-Atlantic Colonies have a very unique social life. THE MIDDLE COLONIES/ FOUNDERS The Middle Colonies are made up of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The middle colonies were the big food producing region that included corn and wheat and livestock including beef and pork. Much of the area was part of New Netherland until the British exerted their control over the region. a year ago. The manor lords oversaw the tenants, often administering justice and collecting taxes for the manor. Contrary, in the Middle Colonies, we welcome different religions with open arms and promise to never segregate or persecute religions. The first well known Quakers in North America , as a mater of fact, missionaries. The mild summers and cool winters provide an excellent growing season, that's even better than the New England Colonies! The colonists that settled throughout the Middle Colonies … Most of the early settlers depended on the fur trade and on farming for economic survival. by murphl. The Middle Colonies were the most ethnically diverse British colonies in North America, with settlers coming from all parts of Europe. In contrast to New England and the middle colonies, the Southern colonies were predominantly rural settlements. The Middle Colonies. Our society has a diverse social culture. The Middle Colonies were more diverse than colonies in New England and the South. The British Middle Colonies in North America had a mix of both northern and southern features, creating a unique environment of early settlement by non-English Europeans. As pictured, the Native Americans and Colonists got along well and rarely conflicted. Powhatan. The bundled pack comes with 17 close reading passages and over 20 interactive response journal activities. The townsfolk were all accepted, no matter what their religion or beliefs were, and they had very good relationships with the nearby Natives Americans. 0 likes. 8th grade . 4th - 5th grade . Social Studies. Elements of both New England towns and sprawling country estates could be found.

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